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Welcome to my site!

I specialize in localization and translation of web sites, as well as the integration and management of multilingual content, including multimedia content. I also do written and oral translation.

In September 2014 I earned my second master’s degree at the University of Strasbourg’s CAWEB program (creation and administration of multilingual websites, localization, and content management).

During my studies, I also worked at Europa Park office in Strasbourg, where I had a professionalization (work-study) contract. One of my main tasks was translating the web site into Russian. My master’s thesis consisted of an analysis of the challenges of localizing into Russian and integrating localized content, both at the linguistic and technical levels. Additionally, I payed particular attention to the importance of web site localization in attracting a Russian clientele.

About me:

I was born on 20/10/1982 in Minsk, Belarus.
I was educated in French schools in Morocco.
I am trilingual, as my mother is Russian and my father is Moroccan.
I received my Baccalaureate in literature with a focus on English from Lycée Lyautey de Casablanca, which is part of the Académie de Bordeaux.
I then studied at the University of Bordeaux Montaigne, where I received a Bachelors in Russian and English applied to communication.
Later, I earned a Master’s in Slavic Studies from Bordeaux Montaigne.

My master’s thesis was a translation from Russian to French and commentary of the second part of Gustaves Shpet’s Aesthetic Fragments.
Gustave Shpet was an early 20th century Russian philosopher who introduced and adapted Husserlian phenomenology in Russia.
This fascinating translation work was done under the direction of Maryse Dennes, a Gustave Shpet specialist. It was made possible thanks to her and her courses at the ATTESH (Translation Workshop for Texts in the Humanities) and the MSHA (Humanities House of Aquitaine). A portion of the work I translated was reviewed by the ATTESH as part of a collective effort and validated by the collective.
Here is an excerpt of the second part of Aesthetic Fragments that I translated and that was validated by the collective: Excerpt of Aesthetic Fragments